Release Notes 12/13/2021 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Monday, December 13, 2021:

Released to: [Azure] [Switzerland] 

[IMPROVE] Orders, projects and jobs lists: Links in the dropdown menu next to "Select" now open in new tab when pressing the Ctrl key
The dropdown menu that opens with the icon next to the "Select" link now supports holding down the Ctrl key. With the Ctrl key the selected option opens in a new tab. Holding down the Shift key opens the selected option in a new browser window.

[IMPROVE] [Editor] Enhancement on comments for split and joined segments
When splitting segments, the sub-segments will not have the main segment comments and when joining segments, the sub-segment comments will be appended to the main segment comments.

[IMPROVE] [Editor] Enhancing search filters
In the Editor search bar, it is now possible to search by segments range using the colon (:). This applies to the fields segment id and segment number. For example, '10 : 20' will display segments from 10 to 20, ':5' will display segments from start to 5, etc.

[IMPROVE] [Standard Projects] Export of offline jobs
When exporting standard jobs from the general jobs list or the project jobs list, the system now indicates if there are any documents marked for offline translation. Such documents are excluded from the export and an appropriate message is displayed to the user.

[FIX] [QA] Exception in issue resolver when expanding error segments
When running a QA check in issue resolver mode, the system now correctly displays the error details of the selected segment.

[FIX] [API] Fix URL provided in API responses to https links
We have fixed the links returned in API v1 to correctly be HTTPS. Previously the API would return HTTP links that could lead to the URL not opening properly in the user's browser.

[FIX] [Invoicing tool] Editing supplier costs for jobs with PDF files
The pop-up window in Codyt projects for supplier costs related to jobs for PDF documents used to throw an error when entering edition mode. This has now been fixed.

[FIX] [MT] Mapping project languages to connector languages
When translating with machine translation, the system attempts to map the requested languages to available languages in the MT system. This mechanism was improved to produce more accurate results when languages do not match exactly.

[FIX] [Client Portal] Placeholders for word counts in email notifications
The values of the placeholders {{WCWords}} and {{WCChars}} in order email notifications for Codyt projects are now calculated correctly.

[FIX] [Codyt Projects] Export deliverables from status tab
An error prevented to download the deliverables from the status tab in Codyt Projects, this has now been fixed.

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