Release Notes 1/4/2022 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Tuesday, January 4, 2022:

Released to: [Azure] [Switzerland] 

[NEW] XLIFF Export for linguistic resources
It is now possible to export any linguistic resource in the system in XLIFF (version supported v1.2). The new option features the usual filters for properties and metadata available in the export module, so as to keep all metadata aligned when saving any resource materials for offline work.

[NEW] Adding new languages to Wordbee
New languages have been added to Wordbee Translator. The list of newly supported languages is the following: Anuak, Bangala, Falam Chin, Edo, Kunama, Pangasinan, Tedim Chin, and Yao.

Learn more about how to setup any language in the system:

[IMPROVE] [Terminology management] Remove custom field images
When editing in the terminology management, users will now have the option to remove an uploaded image from a custom field.

[IMPROVE] [Editor] Filtering for labels now allows to filter segments or text where a specific label is not set
Formerly, you could filter for a specific value of label. However it was not possible to search segments or texts where the label had no value specified. We now added this feature in the editor filter. Simply select the new (none) option rather than a label value.

[IMPROVE] [Quick QA Check] Result panel filtration
[Quick QA Check] Result panel when there is no updated segment it won't filter the segments list in the editor based on the flagged segments

[FIX] Link for internal users in the Access rights page
Link for the internal users now navigates to the correct page to show the filtered users in the inhouse logins page

[FIX] Can't Create Order With Specific Target Language
Fix reported issue that prevents creating orders when specific languages are selected in target locales.

[FIX] [Standard project] Word count setting to avoid using MT to translate repeated segments
In the Word Count settings for Standard Projects, the option "Do not machine translate identical repetitions" was not always consistent. This is now being corrected. When enabled, identical repetitions are excluded from being machine translated.

[FIX] [Editor] Using shortcut results In double markups
A segment containing leading markup is now correctly inserted in the target cell by using the shortcut "copy source to target".

[FIX] Reorder tasks in the jobs list is not working after adding new tasks and gives "Page or Functionality Failed" error upon trying to reorder several times
Reorder tasks in the jobs list is not working after adding new tasks and gives "Page or Functionality Failed" error upon trying to reorder several times

[FIX] [Pretranslation] Hidden characters skipped to process numbers correctly.
Sometimes, the source text contains hidden characters in between numbers which sometimes interferes with the processing of text. Formerly, the system was truncating numbers if such characters were found in between, not recognizing whole numbers when searching the memories. Now, this issue has been fixed by extending the library of hidden characters with some known examples.

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