Release Notes 5/16/2022 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Monday, May 16, 2022:

Released to: [Azure] [Switzerland] 

[NEW] All Wordbee Supported Languages Are Now Available for Both Microsoft MT and Google MT Connectors
The Microsoft and Google MT connectors now have all available languages that Wordbee supports.

[IMPROVE] Correct File Encoding Now Automatically Detected
The correct file encoding is now enforced when finalizing a document. Prior to this improvement, text that was encoded as UTF-8 was sometimes returned as ASCII.

[IMPROVE] Flex API: Breaking change: Setting text value "v" to null now leaves current text unchanged. Simplifies updating of meta data only.
Previously, when setting the "v" property of a text to null, it resulted in clearing an existing text in the Flex container. We have now redefined the meaning of null: It now means that an existing text will not be modified. To clear a text now explicitly set the value to an empty string " ". You are now able to update the custom fields or comments attached to a text without the requirement to respecify the text value. Simply make your updates and leave the "v" property at null (or omit it entirely).

[FIX] Business Analytics: Work Effort Field Now Displayed
We have modified our business analytics system to improve the display of specific cases on some of the business analytics pages. This will enable the "Work Effort" fields to be displayed for each item that was worked on, regardless of how fast the supplier completed the process.

[FIX] Files Uploaded to Reference Material Folder No Longer Marked For Online Translation
Files uploaded to the reference materials folder are no longer marked for translation

[FIX] Zooming In/Out No Longer Affects Editing Domains
When editing Supplier/Client domains (Select Client > Domains; Select Supplier > Domains), having the page zoomed in or out will no longer affect the ability to save your changes.

[FIX] Issue With Translated Segments of Some PowerPoint Files Not Appearing the Target File Is Resolved
Text boxes in a PowerPoint presentation that are formatted to contain the date and time, rejected the replacement of the content with the translations. We have resolved this issue and now all translated content appears in the target language file.

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