Release Notes 9/5/2022 - Wordbee Translator []

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Monday, September 5, 2022:

Released to: [Azure] [Switzerland] 

[NEW] New Languages in Textshuttle MT Connector Available
We have added five new languages to our Textshuttle MT connector. You can now add Russian (ru), Romansh (ru), Dutch (nl), Simplified Chinese (zh-hans), and Traditional Chinese (zh-hant) in the configuration page.

[IMPROVE] Various Visual Enhancements to MT Hive Screens and Messages
Visual enhancements to the Settings, Translate text, Translate files, View my request and View all requests pages as well as to warning messages.

[IMPROVE] User Preferences Saved Across Sessions in MT Hive on View All Requests and View My Requests Pages
The following user preferences are now saved across sessions when using MT Hive:
-Row density and number of displayed rows per page
-Displayed columns and placements
-Item sorting preferences
-Selected search fields

[IMPROVE] Extraction of Hyperlinks in Headers, Footers and Comments Now Possible
Improved our Microsoft Word file parser to now not only extract the hyperlink text but also the hyperlink itself from headers, footers, and comments.

[IMPROVE] Comments for "Not Worked" Days are not Shown in the Planning Page
The planning page now displays comments for "Not Worked" days as a column in the list. Users no longer have to open a separate window to see these comments.

[IMPROVE] Improvements to INDD File Conversion
Improved the file converters, to better process INDD files in the Order and Mark for Online Translation processes.

[FIX] People & Logins Importation Successful Across All Available UI Languages
It is now possible to import users with the "People and Logins" template in any available UI Language. The system now recognizes all supported languages in the file template.

[FIX] Undo/Redo Disabled for Locked Cells Non-Editable Columns in the Editor
Undo/Redo button is disabled if the column is not marked as editable or if the cell is locked.

[FIX] Import and Export TBX3 Successfully Regardless of Invalid Characters
Import and export of TBX3 files now disregards the use of invalid characters. The invalid characters will be imported or exported along with the rest of the file.

[FIX] Reversing Language Direction in MT Hive is now live
Using the Reverse Language Direction button you can now swap the selected source and target languages with just one click.

[FIX] Improvement to DeepL Tag Handler
Improved the DeepL Tag Handler to mitigate issues with tags returned specifically by the DeepL MT Engine.

[FIX] Custom Fields Attached to Both Segment and Language Levels Can Be Imported With Excel or CSV to a Translation Memory
Custom fields configured to work both on segment and language level and configured to work only on Project/Translation memories will now appear correctly in the import window when importing is done using Excel or CSV files.

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