Release Notes 9/26/2022 - Wordbee Translator []

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Monday, September 26, 2022:

Released to: [Azure] [Switzerland] 

[NEW] New Deadline Placeholder for Supplier Notifications
When sending job notifications to suppliers, administrators used to be able to only specify a deadline based on the timezone of the platform. If a supplier worked in another time zone they needed to calculate the difference themselves or check their deadline in the Job details.
Now, administrators have a new placeholder for notification messages that will show the deadline adjusted to the timezone of the supplier.
Go to Settings > Email notifications and select one of the Job notification options. Here add the new placeholder {{RecipientDeadline}} to your template.

Learn more about the available placeholders here:

[NEW] Xliff Filter: Include TM Pre-translation Similarity in Translated Xliff Files, if Related Option Enabled
The XLIFF filter has an option to include translation meta-information with each translated segment in the translated XLIFF file. The option is named "Save translation status and origin with each segment". This option was created for very special use cases where the receiver of the XLIFF file requires detailed information about how the translation came about.

[NEW] Logos Now Supported in Dark Mode
Options to add collapsed and expanded logos in dark mode have been added to the settings page.

[IMPROVE] Randomized Fallback Mechanism for Dynamic Supplier Groups
A new option is now available in the dynamic supplier groups configuration to enable a randomized fallback mechanism. If there are more suppliers matching the criteria than the number of suppliers shown in the group, this will be useful to avoid having the system always select the same set of suppliers.

[IMPROVE] The Initial Project’s Status and Date Is Now Listed in the Project History
Previously, the status history of a project did not list the very initial status and its date. It only listed any status changes thereafter and it was not possible to see what the very first status had been. We have changed this behavior and now list the initial status.

[FIX] Multilingual CSV Parser: Skipped Rows Are Included in Finalized File
Skipped rows in multilingual CSV files are now included back in the finalized file.

[FIX] Internal Comment Values Not Included in External Export of Pricelists
Exporting the pricelists by external managers will not include the values found in the internal comment column.

[FIX] Use the Translation Finder Without Selecting a Segment First
Users can now search for translation hits and terminology in the Translation Finder without first selecting a segment.

[FIX] Powerpoint Files With Specific Drop Down Controls Are Now Correctly Parsed
After identifying a specific Powerpoint drop-down control, we have improved the parsers to correctly handle these files.

[FIX] Report S531 Now Includes Languages and Tasks for External Suppliers
When extracting the S531 report the rows for external suppliers now include information for languages and tasks.

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