Release Notes 1/9/2023 - Wordbee Translator []

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Monday, January 9, 2023:

Released to: [Azure] [Switzerland] 

[IMPROVE] Change in Exchange Rate Options
In the exchange rates settings, you are now able to click "View Online" to see the current exchange rate for the selected currencies.

[IMPROVE] New Default Mode for Find and Replace Batch Action
The default mode for find and replace in the batch action will be the "plain" mode. This allows users to find and replace single words and short phrases by default rather than the previous default mode of "plain - enforce word breaks", which searches for whole segments.

[FIX] Updating Project Details No Longer Has Any Effect on an Order’s Status.
Editing project details will not affect the status of the order once completed. Previously when editing the project details of an order whose status was "Results Approved", the system would change the status to "Work Done". This behavior has now been improved.

[FIX] Creator Metadata in Termbase Entries Unaffected by Changes to Term
When updating a term in a Terminology Database, the creator name and creation timestamp remains. The only information that now changes is the user name and timestamp for the update.

[FIX] Warning Messages Will No Longer Be Shown in Old Editor
Warning messages including serious time-out issues will no longer be displayed in the old editor. These messages are still available on all other pages.

[FIX] Editing Source Language in TM or TB Now Controlled by Access Right R604
Users are no longer able to edit the source language in a TM or TB when access right R604 "Can Edit Resource Details in the Platform" is disabled.

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