Release Notes 1/30/2023 - Wordbee Translator []

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Monday, January 30, 2023:

Released to: [Azure] [Switzerland] 

[NEW] Standard Projects: The Work & Delivery Page Now Allows to Import and Export Multiple Documents for Offline Work
The Work & Delivery page now includes an Export feature that can handle up to 50 selected documents simultaneously. Simply select the required documents and export them for processing outside of Wordbee. Users can then import up to 50 documents simultaneously into the project using the new Import feature found on the same page. These new features will save time and help Project Managers work more efficiently. In the past users had to do this one document at a time.

[NEW] The API Usage Page Now Shows User Interface API Limits and Usage
Administrators can now review a new API usage category from the API Usage page. We have now added information about the usage of APIs from the Wordbee Translator user interface. Because this API usage is limited and exceeding these limits results in throttling, this information will help Admins to identify users who misuse the API, through possible browser plugins or other mechanisms.

[IMPROVE] Translation Finder Now Displays the Correct Number of Term Alternatives
The translation finder will now show the correct number of alternative terms on all instances including alternatives. Previously, only the main term showed the correct number of alternative terms.

[IMPROVE] Updates to Character Limits Are Now Available in Flex API
Changes to character limits can now be pushed via the Flex API. Previously only the initial limit was pushed and any changes thereafter were not updated in the translation editor. We have now enhanced the API to allow for changes to be pushed.

[IMPROVE] New Display of Active Criteria in MT Hive Search Functions
When the search fields in MT Hive are collapsed, the active criteria remain displayed in the search bar and can be cleared without expanding the full search.

[IMPROVE] Split Documents Can Now Be Machine Translated
Instead of sending the whole document for machine translation, users can now select a split document in a Codyt job and only the included segments will be processed.

[IMPROVE] Soft Returns in Powerpoint Files Now Create Subsegments
Soft returns in PowerPoint documents used to create main segments that could not be joined by users in the editor. This behavior has now been improved and soft returns will create subsegments, allowing users to better work with the text.

[FIX] Word Files With Custom XML Can Now Be Marked for Online Translation
Word files that contain custom XML can now be uploaded and marked for online translation. Previously, custom XML needed to be removed from word files before upload and processing.

[FIX] Lock Repetition Option in the Wordcount Settings Is Now Available in Standard Projects
The issue when enabling the Lock Repetitions option in the Wordcount settings for standard jobs has been resolved. This option will now lock repetitions in Standard projects as it did previously in Codyt Projects.

[FIX] Low Risk Level Vulnerability Has Been Resolved
A Penetration Test identified this low-risk level vulnerability in October 2022. The fix concerned a functionality in a selected product page and was related to the uploading of files. The upload could have potentially been misused to upload invalid files to a project. This issue has been resolved.

[FIX] Exported Invoice Effective Date Is No Longer Affected by the Selected Platform Timezone
When exporting quotes and invoices, the chosen effective date will not be changed according to the platform's selected timezone. Previously, timezones in the UTC - range produced effective dates aligned to these timezones. This behavior has been resolved, and the effective date remains the date chosen by the user.

[FIX] Projects Made From Templates With Hidden Mandatory Custom Fields Can Now Be Saved
When creating a project from a template that has hidden mandatory custom fields, users were unable to save the project because these fields were not completed. Even after these fields were filled in, the option to save was disabled due to a validation rule. We have fixed this issue.

[FIX] Low Risk Level Vulnerability Has Been Resolved
We identified this low-risk level vulnerability in January 2023. This fix concerned a popup to assign suppliers to a job. If a supplier name contained JavaScript code, that code would execute. Note that the page was restricted to manager-level users. This issue has been resolved.

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