Release Notes 4/3/2023 - Wordbee Translator []

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Monday, April 3, 2023:

Released to: [Azure] [Switzerland] 

[NEW] New Quick QA Rule for Spaces Before and After Markup
We have created a new Quick QA rule. The "Inconsistent Markup Spacing" Quick QA check can flag or flag and fix differences in spacing before and/or after markup between the source and target texts. For more information about Quick QA checks visit:

[NEW] Korean, Norwegian & Ukrainian Added to Deepl Connector
We have added Korean (ISO 639-3 "ko"), Norwegian Bokmål (ISO 639-3 "nb") and Ukrainian (ISO 639-3 "uk") to our DeepL machine translation profile. More information about how to configure MT connectors can be found here:

[IMPROVE] Spaces-Doubles QA Rule Now Considers Markup When Evaluating Translations
When two spaces are separated by markup, the system used to flag the text as an invalid sequence of multiple spaces. The system did this because the markup is removed prior to evaluating the "Spaces-Doubles" rule. This led to false positives in the QA checks. We have improved this behavior, and now any markup in-between spaces is considered when running the "Spaces-Doubles" QA rule.

[IMPROVE] Improvements to Branding Customization
Admins can now upload and change the logo image at any time in the settings tab: Colors, Logo & Contents.

[FIX] Low Risk Level Vulnerabilities Resolved
Wordbee strives to secure its software. We periodically review security internally and externally. We have identified two low-risk XSS vulnerabilities on a Settings page and in the Project list "Manager" filter. These vulnerabilities have been resolved.

[FIX] API V2 Companies/List Call Now Matches Assigned Access
The API V2 call, "companies/list," will return only the client list of companies the user is assigned to. These results now match the information shown in the platform. More information about this call can be found here:

[FIX] Monolingual Tasks Correctly Trigger Workflow Completion
Monolingual tasks will now correctly trigger workflow automation. Previously, these types of tasks would trigger an error resulting in the project status staying "in progress." We have improved this behavior.

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