Release Notes 6/5/2023 - Wordbee Translator []

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Monday, June 5, 2023:

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[NEW] Codyt Job Search: Introducing Default Filter for Most Recent Jobs
The latest update to Codyt's job listings introduces a default setting that only displays jobs created within the last 3 months. However, users still have the flexibility to select the option to view all jobs as before. This enhancement has several benefits, including a more focused experience where users only see the most relevant job listings. Additionally, the optimized load time ensures a faster and smoother browsing experience.

[IMPROVE] Addition of an Optional Column on the Order Page to Indicate Supplier Outsourcing
Our platform offers the flexibility to fully outsource projects and project management to external suppliers, which can be enabled based on your subscription settings. To increase transparency and streamline workflows, we have now extended this feature to the Orders page. The outsourcing supplier can now be viewed directly on the Orders page, alongside other relevant project details. This additional column, already available on the Projects page, is now accessible to internal users and can be easily added to the list. Having this information at your fingertips allows you to quickly and efficiently manage and track outsourced projects from one central location.

[IMPROVE] Enhancing Supplier Group Functionality: Exclude Disabled Services from Listings
We have implemented a solution to improve the functionality of static supplier groups following an identified bug. Previously, disabled services were incorrectly displayed within the groups, causing confusion and potential service allocation errors. With the latest system update, disabled services are now appropriately hidden from group listings. This improvement ensures that only active and relevant services are visible within supplier groups, streamlining the process of assigning jobs to appropriate suppliers. Should a disabled service need to be reactivated, it will seamlessly reappear within the relevant group, maintaining a clear and accurate view of available services.

[IMPROVE] Enhancing Offline XLIFF Export: Addition of 'translate' Attribute in XLIFF
With the latest update, the XLIFF export functionality now includes the "translate" XLIFF-attribute at the translation unit level when taking work offline. If the translation is locked for editing, the attribute will be set to "no"; otherwise, it will be set to "yes". The inclusion of this attribute is particularly beneficial as it facilitates the handling of XLIFF files by most Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) editors. This streamlined process enables more efficient and effective translation workflows.

[IMPROVE] Disable Automatic Activation of the “My Languages Only” Filter When Viewing Jobs in a Project.
When accessing the Codyt job list within a project, the system previously applied an automatic filter specifically for project managers. This filter would only display languages explicitly managed by the user, resulting in the list often appearing empty due to its advanced configuration. However, based on user feedback and in an effort to improve usability, we have opted to disable this filter by default. This will give users a more comprehensive view of the jobs list and reduce potential confusion caused by the previously empty display.

[IMPROVE] Unit Prices for Pricelist Services Now Accept Values up to 200,000
In response to user feedback and requests, we have enhanced our system by extending the accepted unit price limit for pricelist services. Previously, the maximum value allowed was 30,000. However, we have taken swift action to meet our users' requirements and have now increased the limit to 200,000. This enhancement applies not only to the unit prices of external services but also includes the service prices for internal users.

[IMPROVE] Custom Field Configuration: “Order Options” Now Allows 300 Characters Instead of 50
We have improved the "Order Options" field in the order-level custom fields. This field allows you to specify a regular expression that determines when the custom field is displayed based on the selected order option in the order form. Previously, the maximum length for this field was limited to 50 characters. However, we have now extended this limit to 300 characters, enabling the use of more intricate and complex regular expressions to meet specific requirements.

[FIX] Terminology Editor Issue: Custom Fields Exclusively Configured for "Terminology Databases" Fail to Display in the Editor
A bug prevented segment custom fields configured to be displayed exclusively with terminology records from appearing in the terminology editor. However, this issue has now been resolved, allowing the custom fields to be visible in the editor as intended. Users can now effectively manage and organize terminology records using custom fields without any hindrance.

[FIX] Mitigated XSS Vulnerability on the Order Submission Confirmation Page
We have successfully addressed a low-impact Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability that was present in the order submission page. Previously, if a user entered HTML code into the order reference field, this code would be displayed on the subsequent order confirmation page. However, there was no actual exploitation possible when the order was accessed by the intended recipient. Nonetheless, we have taken immediate action to rectify the issue.

[FIX] Improved Functionality in Jobs Tab - Batch Assigning Suppliers and Workers
Previously, users encountered difficulties when attempting to assign suppliers and workers in batch mode within the Codyt Jobs tab. The list failed to open as intended, impeding the smooth execution of batch worker assignment. We have successfully resolved the problem, improving the existing feature. Users can now seamlessly open the list and perform batch worker assignments without any disruptions. This fix significantly enhances the overall effectiveness and usability of the Jobs tab, empowering users to manage supplier and worker assignments efficiently.

[FIX] Exclusion of Access Right R100 From External User Profiles: Enhanced Security Measures
We have addressed an issue pertaining to the access right R100 within the access profiles of external users. Previously, there was an inadvertent inclusion of this access right, which granted users the ability to search all clients and suppliers. However, despite being selected, this functionality did not perform as intended for these users. We are pleased to inform you that we have successfully resolved this matter, ensuring that the access right R100 functions properly and aligns with the designated user profiles.

[FIX] Resolved Issue With Viewing JSON V2 Filter Configuration for Processed Files
Users can view the parser configuration applied to any file within a translated project. In Codyt, this can be achieved by accessing the Management popup for the file and clicking on a designated link at the very bottom. Unfortunately, a bug prevented this functionality for files processed by the JSON v2 filter. As a result, the configuration details for such files could not be retrieved. This issue is now resolved.

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    Question for Update WM-14796: would it be possible to make the default setting "All" insted of "Created past 90 days"? We work with many backlog projects which have been created earlier than the last 3 months but since the translation tasks can take longer than that, when the revision tasks finally open our translators cannot see them under "All my jobs".

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    Maik Mehlhose

    Dear Despina,

    Once you changed the time frame it will stay with your selection for the future. So if you login, change the filter and revisit the page at some point your choice will be remembered.

    If you have any questions, please let me know!


    Maik Mehlhose
    Head of Product

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    Hi Maik,

    that works, thanks!



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