Similarity rate of translation memory hits

Since users can not adjust similarity rate (threshold) of TM hits shown in Translation Finder, I set the "penalty for text differences (wording, spelling)" in project resources settings to "lowest" in order to search for more hits.

But similar segments (in the perspective of human translator) are still not shown in Phrase tab. I’m really confusing why they are not “qualified” as hits. So I create a test file to demonstrate the situation. Please find attached the screenshots and the illustrations below.

  1. I type in the translation of the first segment.
  2. The fourth segment is similar with the first segment. But there is no result shown in Phrase tab.
  3. Strangely, there is a hit in term tab which is the first segment.
  4. There is no result shown in More tab.
  5. The settings of the project resources


Could anyone tell me why the translation of the first segment is not a match in Phrase or More tab? By the way, the translation can be found manually in Search tab.



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