Special workflow - Translation with source editing.


Customer is getting a file for translation from Polish into English which needs to be edited first. Then edited file must be sent to the customer for approval and then project continues, means the text is translated into English.

How to handle such process in one Wordbee project?


It is the best to use CodyT project for this type of process.

First we need to setup CodyT project with 3 languages: Polish (pl), Polish (pl-PL) and English (en-GB)

After saving the project go to "Documents" tab and enter Polish (pl) folder

Now upload your file for translation and mark it for translation

Once this is done, right click the file in the Documents view and select "Manage document" from the list

New window pops up where you click "Next" and then just select to translate document from Polish (pl) into Polish (pl-PL)

Then you just open the file in WB editor

Once opened you click on "Actions" and select "Copy all"

Make necessary amendments, save the file and close. First step where you edit the source text is completed.


Now you should right click the file in Documents tab and select "Manage document".


New window will pop up where you can produce (1) the new source document for approval (if necessary you can make amendments again) or (2) you can "Add langauges" to proceed with the translation into English.

There you should select to translate from Polish (pl-PL) [since that iswhere your new source document after amendments is] into English (en-GB)

Once done click the below option to select workflow (tasks)

 Keep in mind that in order to mark the file for translation from Polish (pl-PL) into English (en-GB) you need to finalize Polish (pl) into Polish (pl-PL) job and mark the resulting file translation in English (en-GB) folder in Documents tab.


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