Excel with HTML code parsing differences depending the parser version.


user is parsing the same excel file with HTML code using monolingual excel parser and multilingual excel parser and is getting different output in WB Editor.

Namely, HTML tags present in excel are converted in a different way depending on parser.



HTML tags can be locked as tags in monolingual version of excel parser using "do not translate" tab (1) and putting some regular expression to in the "Word or terms" section (2)

whereas in the multilingual version you can lock HTML code ticking the option "Content is html" and selecting HTML parser from the dropdown list

Here is the key to understand the difference of how tags are presented.

When we lock HTML code using regular expression then we just get the tags like <X1/> <X2/> in WB Editor while using the option "Content is html" original names of HTML tags are kept and we get tags like <BR1/> <BR2/> </P>.



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