Linguist Transparency question - assigning the job to supplier for further distribution.


How to set up your own logins so that you can have one primary supplier contact but still have transparency into the individual work of the translator, editor, and proofreader.



1) You create a supplier account where your contact person is an External Manager. This person is the only person that gets the translation jobs, sees costs and accepts jobs.
2) Under people & logins, you'd create External worker limited (such as "Translator 1" or "Translator En > Sp 1" and you can add a fake email address, or yours.
These limited workers will be assigned jobs by the External Manager or yourself.
3) Upon completion of the jobs, the External Manager will be marking them as completed.

When you send the login details to the External manager, he/she'll be able to edit them, and enter the real email address of the translator, and still "lock" it so you don't have access to it on your side (see screenshot below).


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