Revision by client


One of our clients has a list of product managers who can revise our translations. How can we add a product manager of the client to a job in a standard project?


In this case I would recommend to add product managers of you client to the client on Wordbee platform.
Let's say that you have a client XYZ, go there and add logins in the "People&Logins"

Click "Add new"

and you will be taken to the page where you can enter product manager details, create login credentials and decide about access rights you'd like to grant the person.
Once this is done go to your Standard project and click on "Jobs" tab.

Once there you should create a job if not already created by clicking on "New job" in the top right corner

Once job is created you can select it on the list of jobs in your project
 and assign it. In order to do this you just click "Choose supplier"

and select the client XYZ

Once you do this your client is selected as a supplier (#1 on the screenshot) and you can set the worker (#2 on the screenshot)

once you click this the list of the people you have added to this client will show up and you will able to choose one of them as a worker.


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