CORS requests to BeeBox server not possible without OPTIONS HTTP verb support


I'm developing a JavaScript application that needs to perform AJAX requests to the BeeBox APIs described in http://documents.wordbee.com/display/bb/Web+API

I'm trying to use the "Connect" API to connect to the BeeBox, which is running on a different machine than the one the JavaScript app will be hosted onto, and I'm facing CORS (Cross-Origin) issues. When I include the needed CORS header to prevent the browser itself from blocking the request, I get an HTTP 405 (Method not allowed) error because apparently BeeBox does not support the OPTIONS method on its APIs to allow the browser to discover CORS support.

Is there some setting that can be changed in BeeBox to add CORS support? If not yet supported, is CORS support planned? When?

Thanks in advance for your prompt answer.

Kind regards.

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