Importing translators' pricelists and making them default


user is importing suppliers into the system, has already added in about 300. These have pricelists named and created for specific clients.

We now want to import all of our translators with their Standard Pricelists.

How do we do that for the 300 that we already have in the system, since it won't let us update or delete the "Standard Pricelist".

Also, how does Wordbee decide which pricelist to make it default, if there are multiple pricelists stored with the supplier.


If you import your translator and directly import the corresponding pricelist (with "Standard pricelist" name) this will create the default pricelist as you want.

For supplier already created you can import a new pricelist, and disable the Standard pricelist, then the first pricelist in alphabetical order will be chosen as default.


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