CoDyT: Translator Job Opening - deadline so close to job creation date


The job is about the translation of almost 700 words, created today at 11:54, and the strange thing is that the deadline is almost 2 hours after that. 
Where do I set that there should be at least 1 day for the translation if the number of words is less then a certain amount set in the new order form?


The job deadline is calculated using the average response time and speed that you have provided in your workflow template. 

Time set in the "average response time", means estimate time between the moment when the job is proposed and the time when the person accepts it and "speed" is just daily translation output.

Suppose you have a document of 9000 words.

Then we would take the proposal date, first add 24 hours which is the response time and add 3 days.

Also note that the system calculating automatic deadline is implemented to skip weekends. Then if the calculation gives Saturday 8 a.m., it will be Monday 8 a.m.


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