Request for help in consolidating existing regular expressions


Could you help us with this?

We've been using the following set of regular expressions for most of the MS documents. We added these expressions one by one with the help of WB support personnel in the past, but I've noticed that this is quite inefficient and some expressions are duplicated. 
Basically, we want to hide segments that contain: 1) symbols only; 2) numbers only (including Japanese numbers such as ①, ② and double-byte numbers such as 1, 2, or numbers with bracket such as (1), [1]. etc.)

With this expression (item #3),
can we safely remove items #2, 3, 4, 5, 6?
If not, could we combine some of them?

I vaguely remember that we added #4 and #7 since we had problems with previous regular expressions but I do not remember if that was before adding item #3 or not.

 I would greatly appreciate it if a Wordbee expert could confirm these items so we could prevent the occurrence of any potential problems with our server.



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