Time displayed in invoice period


when aggregating invoices user fill in the dates of the invoice period in step 1. On the invoice template placeholders <#AggPeriodFrom> and <#AggPeriodTo> are used. User noticed however the data generated by these placeholders now includes not only the date but also the time (see screenshot attached) which is not what user is expecting. How can we change this so that only the dates are shown, without the time?


the placeholder with text, all in one cell has been put: "from <#AggPeriodFrom> to <#AggPeriodTo>" so this cell is treated by excel as text and display a date and time with all information.
To display the date without time, it is necessary to put each placeholder in a different cell (without other character or spaces), set this cell format as date without time (right click on the cell)


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