How PM and subsequent job supplier can find out that previous job had no changes


If an supplier completes a job but does not make any changes to the target content, how PM and the supplier for the next job in the work chain would know that no changes were made.

The most common scenario:

1. Translation

2. Editing

3. Editing Validation

If the editor doesn't find any errors, the editing validator needs to know that so s/he can quickly process his/her task and not hunt for changes.

Also, the PM would need to notified to follow-up that the editor wasn’t being lazy or missed something.


There are 2 options:

1. "Revisions" dashboard which shows each user and actions they've made. This dashboard is accessible from the editor or from the jobs page by both the PM and translator/editor/validator (in short: vendor).

2. Another way to easily check whether any changes were made is to click the display window, where the name of the translator will be listed only if he has translated at least one segment or edited a pre-translated segment.


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