Client portal notification e-mail problem.


The order was cancelled by a client and they got two notification e-mails:

One stating the order was cancelled but another one addressed client, which was sent one minute prior to the e-mail above states “Nikon has processed your request.”

This confuses our client.

Explanation and solution:

When the status of the order is set to "Proposal" (which happens automatically if it is set in the order form) an email is sent to the client to inform him that the proposal has been sent. This is why client receives an email telling that his request has been processed (since in the client's notification settings option to receive notification if his order is cancelled has been enabled).

Sometimes if order has been cancelled just after submission it might happen that notification about "cancelling" might arrive before the message about "processing".

Solution would be to set the original order status to "Request" like it was done in the classic order form. Then it would still create the project, jobs (if you have configured the form to do this) but the proposal would be sent to the client only when the manager decides that it is ready and manually click to send the proposal.



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