InDesign IDML - Preview Chinese Language File Font Issue


user is translating an IDML file from English into Simplified Chinese and is signed up with Frontlab for a trial to preview IDML files but is some Chinese characters appear as squares in the preview PDF file.


This is a font issue, if font is changed to "Arial Unicode MS" for example, the text is correctly displayed. Keep in mind however that the change in the InDesign configuration just apply for the files newly marked online.

In order to solve it properly we need to follow these steps: 

  • change the font in the InDesign configuration, 
  • upload the same file with a new name and mark it online with the updated InDesign configuration (don't mark for no translation the first file otherwise you will lose your translation).
  • this file will be automatically translated with project memory,
  • and then you will be able to correctly finalize it/preview it.


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