Problem with e-mail notifications if project is declined



Lately, we've noticed that we're not receiving certain emails when a translator declines a job. This causes problems for us when we don't receive an email of this: when we check the projects due for delivery one or two days in advance, we suddenly have to find a new translator to work (and a proofreader). 


I've created 6 test jobs to test out how this happens. These jobs were then given to both in-house translators (listed under "My company -> People & Logins) and freelancers (listed as suppliers). I asked both these groups in different projects to either decline one right away, and accept another but then decline later.


I found out that we only get sent e-mail notifications of a user having declined a job if they are freelancers (clients). We don't receive emails when they are in-house translators. We do get other emails from them, such as when an in-house translator adds a message to a project. It didn't matter whether any of the test clients declined right away or declined after accepting.


Moreover, there is a difference between the status message visible in the jobs themselves: When freelancers decline a job, the current status changes to "Translation - Not assigned", with a red X at the space of the supplier's name:

But when in-house translators decline, the status of the job remains on "Translation - In Progress" in blue, and the supplier slot is not empty, but replaced by the yellow suppplier "Textwerk" (I guess a default account of our own):

Why is this? This supplier obviously won't do any work: why does Wordbee assign a new supplier here and not leave the slot empty?


Any ideas a to how we can change some setting so we get email notifications even when in-house translators decline a job?


With kind regards,


Ben Pleij,

Project Manager,

Textwerk Translation Agency.


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