WordPress - Review or Preview Completed BeeBox Translations


For WordPress plugin with BeeBox the documentation says:
"Translation review and editing:
Preview and approve translations prior to publishing updated content inside WordPress.
Translations can be rejected and resent for translation, if necessary."

What would the best way be to set this up for an end user (for LSP having Wordpress user as a customer) who wants to preview or at least review the translation before it is published online?


Wordpress connector for is dependent of WPML, which is a popular plugin in WordPress translation.
Then, our connector is just an extension that allows Beebox to work with WPML. And the connector use WPML features to work properly.

WPML doesn't offer a real preview, but allows you to create the translated/retrieved pages as Draft.

To enable it, go to the Multilingual Content Setup (WPML settings > Translation Management).
Then, you have the choice to create the new pages as Draft instead of being published.




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