What does "Validation" mean in the 'Job work progress' tab?

Hello there,

I have just a short question this time. When we create jobs and assign it to a translator and a proofreader, the job work progress bar gives us a mini status update on the translator's progress. (We access it by clicking on the icon given below:)

I understand that the "Translation" bar displays the translator's progress through the segments. At first I thought that the "Validation" bar below must have meant how far along the proofreader was with checking the text. However, after never seeing this bar progressing as proofreaders were reading the text, and seeing very weird percentages in different projects (some always stayed at 0,00%, some were 30%, some were very small such as the one below), I now don't believe this anymore.


Does it have something to do with the technical aspects of the source text? Does it have to do with the amount of segments which have errors?

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Ben Pleij.

Project Manager, Textwerk Translation Agency.

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