Batch export of "Translation reports" of jobs

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I have a question regarding the statistics of a job:

When we create jobs and assign it to a translator and a proofreader, the job progress feature can be opened by clicking on the coloured bars icon.
From there on, you can click on "view full report". It's called "Job Work Progress" in the window and "Translation Report" on the page itself).

On this page you can see some statistics on a particular job. I’m especially interested in figures such as the "Human Translation Quality", which show how many segments a proofreader had to correct before completing the job. The possibilities Wordbee can give us in improving our future workflow are great if we can have a bigger overview of this: being able to see which translators receive the least corrections, coupled with approval data/translator feedback provided by our clients, could really help us figure out which translators perform best overall. Is there a way to do this on a larger scale, for instance batch export this for multiple projects, or per individual translators?

Looking forward to hearing more about this.


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Ben Pleij,

Project Manager, Textwerk Translation Agency.

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