Letting workers see deadlines of colleagues without their names


in an unrelated question in this page, Quoc Nguyen pointed me to an option in Wordbee in which you can set visibility for a worker's jobs. I go to:

Settings -> Customisation -> Access Rights -> Configuration -> Worker (Limited)/External Worker -> Jobs -> Can see all jobs in own company


I wonder: what we in our company'd like to achieve is that proofreaders can see the deadline of translator's jobs, so they can more easily plan their own work schedule. So my questions are:


1) Will ticking this box achieve this goal? (Will they be able to see the deadline for translators working on the same document in the same project? And if not, is there a possibility to set this up in another way?)


2) Will the proofreaders only be able to see the deadline of the translators in their job, or also the names of the other workers in that project? Due to privacy, we'd rather not have this: we feel that it's important that the proofreaders know when they can start working on the documents, but nothing else.


Very interested in hearing if this is a possibility!
Kind regards,



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