Invoice creation [3/3] Edit Invoice template to remove 110% & 100% matches

Dear Wordbee colleagues,

I have a couple of question regarding the invoicing process. However, for the sake of clarity, I've split them in three posts. This is the 3rd one.

In a recent update towards the end of 2016 (around November/December?), you tweaked the lay-out of the invoices, so that in each invoice we create through Wordbee, an extra line per project is now added, which shows the 110% and 100% reductions which were reducted from the job (compare in the screenshot line 1 & 2 below; line 2 is the actual project, line 1 is the reducted words from that project).

For translators with a lot of projects per month, we find this to be very chaotic, as it just adds extra pages of unnecessary information, so it becomes a long invoice. As the translators can also find the information on repetitions elsewhere, we'd like to remove it from the template: up until we've been having to remove these lines manually, and this is very time-consuming. How do we go about this? I've changed the setting for invoices to exclude the lines with zero counts, as below, thinking this would solve the problem. 

However, this is not the case, as in these lines, the price of the reduction is €0,00, but those words are still counted. The line still remain in the exports. Any tips on how to "fix" this?


With kind regards,

Ben Pleij, Textwerk.


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