Updating termbase not translation memory and Global Search - explanation.


translation jobs update the global search, some update a TM and some a TB and then are visible in the global search.

Sometimes we might have a project created only for a purpose of updating TB where there are many completed jobs but they are only visible in the global search if you tick "Projects" box. The project itself is designed to add terms to existing termbases or create termbases but this is not happening.

What are the right steps to ensure that translation entries from such a project update termbase.


terms translated in a project designed to update the termbase remain in the project memory associated with the project.
Hence only ticking "Projects" in Global Search make results visible - unless you do manual consolidation to an existing glossary if the automatic consolidation has not been fully configured for the project.
In order to do this properly option "Automatically consolidate translations to master memory upon workflow completion" should be ticked for the project and "master memory" (= TB in this case) should be defined under the "Resources" tab of the project. The glossary to add is the one into which new translated terms will be automatically added once translation jobs will be completed for this project.
Add TB:
Tick the consolidation option (see below) so that new translated terms are automatically added to this TB:

After that, when searching for a terms in Global Search it will no longer be necessary to tick "Projects" as results will be part terminology databases.



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