Exporting into bilingual Word doc when the limit of segments is exceeded.


user has translated a project with 2925 segments and 157 pages. In the tab Work and Delivery, the Translation report shows number of 3134 segment  When the user then want to use the Word export button to produce bilingual Word file for the purpose of proofreading, message pops up that the file has more than 3000 segments, which is the limit and therefore the file is not generated.
What can be done to export into MS Word?


The number of "segments" displayed in the interface is in fact the number of paragraphs. In short, a segment is a phrase and a paragraph is a set of segments. Segments belonging to the same paragraph have the same paragraph number.

Regarding the export Word, for technical reason the export is limited to 3000 segments, so suggestion is to create 2 revision jobs and split the document in half to revise half of the document in each job. This way it will be possible to export the file in two Word docs.

Note: Users using Freelance Edition do not have the feature which permit to split a document.

The only solution in the case of Freelance Edition is to split the Word document into 2 distinct files.

In order to do this follow these steps:

1 - split the document on your computer into 2 files

2 - upload them in the same project that the other document

3 - when you mark the 2 documents for online translation one needs to select the original document from which Wordbee will find the existing translations.

(Standard projects, in CodyT it is done automatically from project TM).

Now, the 2 small documents will contain all the translations already made in the big document.

Work can be performed on the 2 documents as usual.

Before delivering the documents to the client one needs to rejoin them into one single document.


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