Assign one workflow template to multiple/all clients?

Dear Wordbee colleague,

my question in brief is: Can I set-up a workflow template to work with multiple clients at once, or do I have to create separate workflow templates for each client, even if the steps necessary for order creation for both are the same? Currently, I don't understand how copying one template to work for multiple clients works.

Here is an explanation of what I've tried, and an elaboration of my question, below:

I've created a new client ("9068 client (test)"), to test our workflow in working with multiple clients, and gave it acces to our (regular) New order form "TW - Internal". This is an order form already shared with our main client, "Textwerk".

Whenever I create orders (and projects) through this form under the Textwerk client (as we've done up until now), it creates both a Translation and a Proofreading job for every document attached. This is because it has been set up that way in the Workflow template for the Textwerk client (see two pictures here): this template creates two jobs, whereas the standard is only a Translation job.

However, when I use the same order form for our new client, it only creates one "Translate" job per file attached. I believe because the Order form uses a template now only Assigned to the Textwerk client.

I've tried copying our current Textwerk work template, and changed its name slightly (a seen below), and it also has been set up for both tasks.I then change the workflow template standard in the Textwerk Order form to use this new template, but it still only gives me a translate option!

There is one Workflow template, called "Translation + Proofreading (automatic assignment)" which has been set to (Any client), probably by Wordbee itself (see the first picture above, just above the template in yellow). However, as I see it now, the other Workflow templates can only be attached to one client. I'd like to either assign a Workflow template to multiple clients, or to "All clients", however, when I select one of the templates, I can only select one Client at a time (see picture below)

Am I missing something, or is this not possible? I'd rather not create a new order form and workflow template for every client, unless that is absolutely necessary because other work steps are required.  

Looking forward to your advice!

With kind regards,



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