Editing a file that is being still translated - two suppliers scenario.


there is a huge rush project. Is there a way in Wordbee for an editor to start working on the translated segments in the file that is still being translated? 


In Standard project, when creating the job, please feel free to choose None in Dependencies as screenshot below so that the reviser can work at the same time with translator. 

In the Codyt, The project manager can set the status of the Editing job to in progress so that the Editor can start working. 

It would be a good practice however if translator will mark somehow (green status for example) segments which were already translated and are not going to be touched by him anymore so that reviser knows he can start revising them (it would be good idea if reviser would lock already revised segments to let know translator to not touch them anymore).

Another idea however If you don't want suppliers working at the same time (might affect the quality of translation)  is to split the job into several smaller jobs. The reviser can work on the small jobs that translators has finished.



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