Multiple 100% matches from same TM for same source text


user has found that the Translation Finder window suggests multiple different 110% and 100% matches for the same source text (and even from the same resource), and it is making hard for him to find the correct translation out of the options, and also slowing him down. Do you know why this is happening, and if it's possible to at least sort the matches in the Translation Finder so that the newest entries appear first?


If there are many translations of a same segment in the TM, Wordbee will show them as match in Translation Finder in the following order:
- find across all memories the most relevant. 110% before 100% etc. Pick the most relevant group (e.g. if there are 110% matches, all 110% matches are retained)
- the items are then sorted by TM on top, then the TMs in sequence (see project settings)
- Finally, within results of each single TM (if there is more than one in from a single TM), the most recent items are moved to the top.

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