Relinking deleted files in Wordbee and Beebox not possible but there is a solution.


user has a project that currently use an FTP server for his client to submit files to Beebox, which will then create a job on Wordbee. But he accidentally deleted all the incoming files which caused all the Wordbee jobs to cancel, and all the files in Beebox disappeared. He did back up the file but wonders if there is any way to relink it with Beebox and Wordbee and is afraid that if he just upload the files in the "in" folder, they will be treated as new file and Wordbee will just create new jobs for all of them.


best way to proceed is indeed to put the files again to the "in" directory and Beebox will create new jobs.
When going to Wordbee, all the segments actually translated on the cancelled jobs will be taken to auto populate the new jobs.



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