Shortcut Customization

Hi, I would like to use the same shortcuts I used in the old editor (and which I also use for other CAT tools):

-CTRL+ENTER = go to next segment/commit or confirm translation

I am able to change the shortcut in the list and save my option, but then it does not work: when I type CTRL+ENTER, it creates a soft return within the active segment with an added trailing space.

I tried changing my shortcut to CTRL+ the plus sign in the numbers pad, but the shortcut list shows I am pressing CTRL+k, and then when I actually press CTRL+ the plus sign in the numbers pad during translation, the response is to split the segment (whose default shortcut actually is CTRL+K).

I understand I am not supposed to choose combinations that might trigger other web actions, since this is a web-based editor. But please note I have been using CTRL+ENTER to pass to next segment in the old editor, which is also web-based.

Also, when I try to restore the option to ALT+DOWN, I actually press ALT+down arrow, but the shortcut list shows ALT+BOTTOM, so when I actually use the ALT+DOWN combination, it just does nothing because I guess it does not recognize the combination. I was only able to make it work restoring the default values. But I would very much like to use my own combination.

It seems the shortcut menu has difficulties "reading" the keys I am pressing or relating them to the required action.

It is important for me to change the shortcuts so it does not impair my productivity. I use several different CAT tools along the day and keeping the same shortcuts for the same actions is what allows me to flow in the process and get some speed in what I am doing.

Am I getting this right? I mean, it worked fine in the old editor, why would not work in the new one? :)

I am using Chrome (for both, the old and the new editor).

Thank you!


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