Exporting XLIFFs and translating in other CAT tool question.


user writes:

I use MemoQ as a general rule. I know that Wordbee has the facility of exporting xliff files that I can translate in MemoQ. One of my regular customers has switched to using Wordbee and will not activate the xliff export and import feature. If I subscribe to Wordbee, can I force the portal of my customer to use my Wordbee environment (once I have subscribed) and, therefore, export and import xliff files from my customer so that I can use MemoQ instead.


Unfortunately, having your own Wordbee Translator environment  is not a solution, it is necessary to ask the project manager to activate the Xliff job export for the user, so that translation can be performed in MemoQ. PM create a specific access rights' profile so that only those who get this right will have access to the export/import function.



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