Compact View White Spaces

Thank you for adding Compact View and Remove Editor Borders options.

I show that to our linguists. They all recognized the improvement but many of them still feel that it is not sufficient.

I numbered the areas we want to see further improvement in the screen capture below:

Area 1. Can you make the side bar at the left a little narrower?

Area 2 (top bar): Currently, the doc name are displayed on top of the project name, would that affect the functionality if you place them side-by-side to reduce the height of this bar? 

Areas 3 and 4: Can you make those bars narrower by either adjusting the font size or the space or both?

Areas 5 and 6: I am not sure if they share the same space but it would be nice if we can hide the text formatting bar at our option, this would remove lots of white spaces.

Area 7: I can still see extra space even after selecting the border removal option. Would it be possible to remove the space completely?

Area 8: Can you also remove this space?

Also, it would be helpful if you can set the "Remove Editor Borders" as default so that users do not have to make changes by themselves, unless you have many other users who prefer to keep those borders. 








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