Column Manager Problems

I still have the following problems with column manager.

It would be great if you can work on the problems below:

1) It takes very long time (longer than my coffee break, sometimes) to display the changes.

2) I am working on Japanese to English bilingual environment but the Column manager has three sections: Segment, English, and Japanese with all same fields. Would it be possible to hide the Segment section?

3) Default column width: The default column width is very long regardless of the field type and I need to adjust the width of each column manually. Would it possible to assign more appropriate column width based on the field type as a default?

4) I selected the number of fields and field sizes in such a way that all fields can be displayed in one page. It turned out that I cannot reduce the width of the last column.

In the screens below, Japanese pronunciation field is the last one and it extends all the way to the end, which I can only see by scrolling all the way to the right.



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