Translating multilingual excel with source language defined for each row.


The excel file has 11 different language columns. For every row in the excel file the source language may be different. The source language is defined in column M. 

There could be 3 different source languages in 1 file. Is there a way t handle such type of excel files using Wordbee?


How to translate the file?

1 - Create a copy of the file for each source language. In each file, hide the rows of the other source languages. For instance, in the German file hide the Dutch and French rows. Note that it can be easily done by applying a filter on the column M.
2 - Upload each copy in Wordbee to be translated from its corresponding language into all the other languages. Either use one Standard project per language or a single Codyt project, it does not matter. Make sure, please, to tick the option "Always exclude hidden rows from translation." in the Excel configuration.

After that you the file will be translated into all the languages but it will be split into several files.

How to merge these files together?

There are two ways of doing it. 
The first one is a manual copy/paste from all the copy files into the original file.

The second would be to use Wordbee to create the translated file. Following is the way to do it:

1 - Create a single Codyt project with all the languages;
2 - Attach the project memories of the projects created above;
3 - Upload the original file in one of the source language folder. 
4 - The system will pretranslate the document with the translations of the other projects. 
5 - Finalize and download the translated file. 
6 - Then upload the finalized file again in Wordbee but in another source language folder.
7 - Repeat from step 4 until all the source languages are processed.

Let see how it works from step 3 because it might be difficult to understand.
Let's say we have 3 source languages: FR, NL, DE. 
In the first instance we upload the original file (with no translations) into the French folder.

The system pretranslates all the French texts with the French memory.
Then we download the pretranslated file and get a file with the French texts translated. 
Then upload this file to the German folder. Pretranslation, finalize, download... Getting a file with the German and the French texts translated.
Finally upload the German/French file to the Dutch folder. Pretranslation, Finalize, ... Getting a file with the Dutch, German and French texts translated.

Note that we have to configure the project to:
- Disregard the project memory because the system must always use the translations of the attached projects;
- Not count the existing translations as pretranslations. Because the system must always use the translations of the attached projects;
- Set the pretranslation threshold to 100% 
See below screenshot.


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