Client's contact person field


user of the platform reports that for the majority of her clients there are various persons who send them petitions. In this case scenario they would not send their request through WB client's portal, but via email and the PM would create a Codyt job and process the request. 

User's question is if there is a way to add a field for "Contact person" in project details that would display the list of all the people in our client's company that could send us projects, so that our PM will not have to do write down the name of the person. Ideally this information would automatically replicate in the corresponding client's quote and in the corresponding client's invoice.


one should create a custom field for project in Settings>> General Settings >> Custom fields >> Project a dropdown list containing company name + contact name so that the PM can easily find it. Then project custom fields can be added when using the print functionality in the invoices page.


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