Wordbee batches during MT

Hi Wordbee team,

We’re planning to start apply Microsoft MT into Wordbee.

When I configure the Microsoft MT under Settings -> Machine translation, I don’t get very well about the following inline help:

PRICING: Microsoft charges per transaction (or 1 translatio request). When pre-translating documents, Wordbee sends batches or text, each batch being conted as 1 transaction.

We have two different user cases:

User case#1: Two(2) UI translation projects, source language is English, each project has 10 translation jobs for 10 different target languages.

When Wordbee sends batches, there will be 2 transaction for each project, or it wil be 20 transactions for each job?

User case#2: One(1) Document translation project, source languauge is English, 5 translation jobs for one same target language.

When Wordbee sends batches, there will be 1 transaction, or it will be 5 transactions?


Thank you! 

Kind Regards,



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