Invoice templates - CONCATENATE excel function


user is trying to put a text and placeholder for the aggregation period in the same cell and fails since placeholder should be standalone element in the cell to be correctly interpreted by Wordbee.

Hence the question: Is there any option to make the user requirement possible?


CONCATENATE excel function is helpful n such an instance.

Let's say we need to have text INVOICE and aggregation period in one cell.

In this case we just put <#AggPeriodFrom> placeholder in a cell somewhere outside the printable area of the invoice (in this example let it be cell M17) and in the cell we need to have text "INVOICE" plus  <#AggPeriodFrom> we write:

=CONCATENATE("RSB ", TEXT(M17, "mm/rrrr"))

where mm/rrrr is a format of the placeholder content.



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