Fuzzy match and fuzzy pretranslation - difference explained.


In the "Service details" window of a supplier's pricelist, the "Discount" tab contains a field to set a discount for "Fuzzy pretranslation", as well as for each X% match/rep threshold defined in the pricelist.

What does this fuzzy pretranslation consist of? What is the difference between the discount defined for fuzzy pretranslation and the one defined for instance for 75-99% match/rep?


"Fuzzy pretranslations" are fuzzy matches in a memory or the document itself whereby the fuzzy match has a translation. In the word count configuration you can specify whether you want to pre-translate from non-exact hits. When a fuzzy pre-translation takes place the entered discount applies. We have quite some customers who set the fuzzy pre-translation threshold at 95%.

If a fuzzy match with translation is not used for pre-translation then it is counted and discounted under "xxx% match/rep" (if supplied). Fuzzy matches without translation are always counted under "xxx% match/rep" (if supplied)



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