Segmentation issue - jumping segments.


user launched an online translation, and it’s now in proofreading stage. Everything was fine until supplier sent an email telling that the segments just ”started changing before her eyes without her doing anything”.

 Basically a big chunk of the source text and target text do not match with each other. 

 There are also other proofreading jobs ongoing at the moment and all of them have the same issue. 


it comes from the fact that if a translator joins or splits some segments it affects all the other translation jobs for the same document and if those segments were already translated by some suppliers, the system does not know how to align the translations and here comes the problem. The best solution would be to prevent suppliers from joining or splitting segments by disabling the option 'split or join segments' from their access right profile (in this case it was 'External worker' profile). Admin only can do so via the Settings > Access rights > Select the 'External worker profile' > Edit > Disable option 13 (see screenshot below) > Save. You should do the same for the additional profiles you might have created for some specific suppliers.

If you want to allow your suppliers to use this feature the workaround would be to have your source files repeated in different folders in your project's 'Documents' tab, 1 folder per target language and mark each one for online translation but for one target language only.


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