Selecting several source languages in an order form


We frequently have projects where we need to translate several files from various source languages to English (ex. one file in Spanish, one file in French, and one file in German --> all to be translated into English).

Unfortunately, order forms do not allow us to select several source languages.

If we create one order per source language (3 orders in my example above), then cost calculation is biased (project management added 3 times / incorrect minimum charges etc.). And any changes to the project (deadlines, project manager, reference material etc.) should be done multiple times.

If we create one order with only one of the source language, and add the other ones manually to the project afterwards, then we loose all the automations offered by the order (cost calculation, job creation etc.), and therefore the time saved by the automations.

Would you have any other suggestion as to how we could address this issue?

Thanks in advance.

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