Words added in Editor via "Add to Dictionary" option not showing up In Settings > Spellcheck Dictionaries


When user performs QA Check, right-clicking on words that are flagged as misspellings gives the option "Add to Dictionary". Once it is done and QA re-run, the words do not come up as misspellings.

However, when other users (those who had not add those flagged words using "Add to Dictionary" option) run a QA the misspellings that have been added by one user via the right-click option are still showing up as errors. Why is this?


In the translation editor, old and new, the "Add to Dictionary" option accessed by right click will only add the word to the current user's dictionary. Therefore, the added words won't be available for other users on the same platform.

In order to add words to a spellchecker word for all users, you would need to access Settings > Spellcheck dictionaries, and add the words to the dictionary in question from that interface.

It is not possible to add words to this list directly from the editor's interface for the time being.


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