White Spaces in New Editor


We posted something similar in the past but let me post this again since I am still receiving a similar complaints after several improvements.

Basically, our translators believe that spaces between various columns and widgets should be eliminated.

I quote a comment received from one of our translators:

"...My main concern is that the various windows are no longer contiguous to each other but instead have wasted space in between them. The new decorative borders in the background between the windows serve no useful purpose and just waste a LOT of space that could be used to have the translation finder and editor main window larger, as they are now. The tab margins on the left and top are unnecessary and just take up space so, again, the editor and translation finder end up having to be so much smaller than they are now. The translation finder in particular is so small that it is very hard to read longer segments. I miss not being able to resize the windows myself. It's great if they want to add new functions, but the UI is excellent as it is in terms of its efficient layout to minimize wasted space and maximize the size of the editor and translation finder. They should leave this how it is since there is absolutely no need to change it. "




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