Translation memory language codes and empty segments maintenance.


there is a master memory that contains one language in two different dialects. and we’d like to do two things.

One, change the all dialects so that all entries are using the same language code/dialect (for example we have Spanish (Spain) (es-ES) and Spanish (es) as target  languages but we'd like to have just Spanish (es)). 

 Second, the TM has some empty entries,we’d like to clear them, how can we delete them without having to delete one segment at a time.



First you need to decide which language code for Spanish you need to have.
Once you know it, you should export just the part with the language code you'd like to change as TMX open it in Notepad and change the language code for Spanish (es-ES) into Spanish (es).

In order to get rid of empty segments you should export the part with the right language code making sure this option is ticked:
After an export of the part you would like to change either you import it to existing TM and entries will get imported into the language with the desired language code or you can create new fresh TM and import the part with corrected language code plus the exported part with correct language code.



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