Copying suppliers from one project to another


user is wondering if it is possible to copy all suppliers from one project to a new project if languages/task are the same. Is there a way to keep the suppliers names in a project template.


It is possible to save the project template with translators but only if they are preset in a workflow of the project.
So, when one create a new project template he needs to make sure to have set in his workflow the option Automatically propose jobs to groups of suppliers (1,2 on the screenshot) and select supplier groups (3, 4 or on the screenshot) you would like to assign those projects to.

Then all those info will be saved in the project template.
This solution covers assigning to supplier groups not individual suppliers.
It is possible however to create groups which contain only one supplier and are named after the name of the only supplier they contain. Such groups can be defined in a workflow then and tasks will be proposed to one person only.


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