WPML Plugin already purchased but not working with Beebox?


One of our users asked us the following question:

We have a potential client who is using Wordpress CMS, and has just installed the standard WPML plugin.

Is it possible to convert this to a beebox version or install a beebox add-on, or do they need to purchase it again but this time the beebox WPML version?


One needs to configure it to use Wordbee.
Refer to the online documentation: https://wpml.org/translation-service/wordbee-beebox

Moreover, one have to make sure to select Beebox in his preferred Translation Service provider in their WPML account on www.wpml.org, otherwise he won’t see it in the WPML plugin on Wordpress.

Note: also in the Support\Trouble Shooting section in the plugin, there is an option to enable all Translation Services. This might be set to just one service, so it is necessary to enable all services for it to show everything including Beebox.


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